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Applied Augmented Reality

AR Industries BV develops solutions in the field of wearable computing using augmented, mixed & virtual reality. AR Industries offers customers of all industries an efficient way to optimize their business processes along the entire value chain by means of innovative wearable computing solutions with tablets, smart eyewear and smart watches.

Applied Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is (besides big data, cybersecurity, IoT etc) regarded as one of the disruptive technologies.
We at AR Industries think that disruptive is a buzzword. Undermining the true potential of augmented applications in the industrial environment.

The basic principle of merging geometrically correct digital 3D information with the physical environment and visa versa has unprecedented applications in various core business processes such as sales-, design-, manufacturing- and installation processes.
AR Industries specializes in applied AR. Highly pragmatic, we develop AR solutions which contribute directly to a positive business case.

“We think Business”

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Augmented Reality used in day to day operation on site
Augmented Reality used in construction areas

We distinguish ourselves by the business driven approach. We believe that technical applications should seamlessly fit into your core business processes and should be easy to be adopted by your employees.

You should considerations adaptation of ar for:

  • cutting cost & increase revenue
  • market leader image
  • early adaptor advantage
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